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    'Is your business prepared to weather the storm?'
    White Swan Risk Consultants can prepare your business for any eventuality
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    Risk Management
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    'A guiding light in a world of uncertainty'
    White Swan Risk Consultants - Perfecting risk prevention strategies
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    Crisis Management
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    'Ignoring issues isn't the answer'
    White Swan Risk Consultants - Preventative planning when you need it most.
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    White Swan Risk Consultants - Leading advisors in our field.

Welcome to White Swan Risk Consultants

White Swan Risk Consultants are focused on helping private, public, and not-for-profit organisations become more resilient by implanting fit for purpose and proportionate risk management systems. We work closely with our clients to build internal readiness to events which affect corporate objectives, both positively and negatively. We deliver quality services in the following areas:

• Enterprise Risk Management to ISO31000
• Business Continuity Management to ISO22313
• Emergency Planning and Crisis Management
• Occupational Safety and Health

Located in the central belt of Scotland we are ideally placed to provide risk management support on our services to organisations across Scotland, the UK, and Europe. We have a wealth of knowledge in all our services and pride ourselves on ensuring our clients get the best possible learning experience from our services.

We invite you to browse our website to see how White Swan can help your organisation achieve its objectives.


Risk Management

Our Risk Management services include the auditing of your current systems to provide you with a route map of risk reduction measures for your business. Additionally, we can assist by conducting interactive training sessions to raise your organisation’s knowledge of risk management which will ensure you and your staff are prepared for every eventuality.
Business Continuity

Our Business Continuity Management service will assist you in developing business continuity plans by facilitating business impact analysis workshops, coaching sessions to develop your policy and procedures and the testing of plans through walkthrough or bespoke simulation exercises. Whatever your requirements, contact us today to see how we might help.
Crisis Management

Our Emergency Planning and Crisis Management services will help you comply with the statutory duty within the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 to identify and develop emergency response plans for serious and imminent danger. The Crisis management services will help form part of a Business Continuity Response or act as a stand alone plan.
Occupational Health+Safety

Our Occupational Health and Safety services include short awareness non-accredited courses on any of the legislative requirements of the Health and Safety at Work Act. We can also deliver the full range of NEBOSH and IOSH courses. We are leaders in the field of fire risk management services including training and fire risk assessments.

“Caledonia Housing Association has really benefited from the knowledge White Swan Risk Consultants posses in relation to Risk Management and how to effectively manage any business continuity incident.”

– Julie Cosgrove, Chief Executive, Caledonia Housing Association.

“White Swan Risk Consultants have an excellent approach to delivering training and are able to use their vast experience to develop a bespoke training programme that was specific to the needs of Caledonia Housing Association.”

– Julie Cosgrove, Chief Executive, Caledonia Housing Association.

“As a result of the training, and facilitation of a business continuity exercise by White Swan Risk Consultants, I am fully confident Caledonia Housing Association is well placed to deal with any future business continuity incident.”

– Julie Cosgrove, Chief Executive, Caledonia Housing Association.